Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint … When you name probable families. And for some reason, these three logical fonts are part of the Microsoft Office suite, LA reference suite in bureautic material. This logic equips you with the help of a lot of users and you have to be able to cruise in your school or professional environment. Read more is an investor in one set of Microsoft Office for the use of staff, le prix peut être un frein à l’achat. Of course, the existence of solutions to reduce costs, to find these logical performers accessible to more grand numbers. Рашения Une de ces Solutions esté a d’acheter une licence d’accasion chez Yeslicense. Parmi leurs produits, il aura acence un offre pour vous!

A license, what are you doing?

A logical license is a type of contract that allows you to use a logical logic for a valid certificate. Cela se traduit souvent sous la forme d’une clé numérique (suite de ciffres) qui vous permet d’activer un logiciel et de l’utiliser sur toute la durée du contrata. A license of access is a license that has been used, but that has been ratified by Yeslicense. The licenses are sold on the Yeslicense site and these companies are open to businesses that are not available plus. After verification, they are subject to remission. This procedure is legally open to European legalization. Cela vous permet de vous procurer des logiciels performani qui fonctionnent exactement comme si vous en etiez le premier utilisateur, mais à un prix réduit. A license that you can send by example, free for Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2019 costs 9.99 euros.

The licenses sold by Yeslicense are the perpetual licenses. Cela veut dire que leur utilization n’est pas limitée dans le temps: une fois la achetée et après activation, vous pourrez l’utiliser aussi longtemps que vous le souhaitez! And not all Microsoft Office suites can be introduced for long periods of time: Word 2010 is running on encore in 2022.

Comment acheter ma license d’occasion sur Yeslicense?

Yeslicense function as your own site. You will be able to find the product you want to buy in your breadth, you will be able to pay for it. And that’s all there is to the mail, it won’t be a free delivery! It is important to know that it is important to be able to review your e-mail address, but it is in your good mail that you will receive the key activation of your license. After downloading your logic, this is the activation key that allows you to use your license. The mail contains an element of your invoice, as well as the information you need to guide your installation of your license. Search for this issue or for any other question, a client service is provided with your 24h / 24 and 7j / 7 schedule.

What products do you want to retrieve on Yeslicense?

If you want to get a license, you can not renew offers for Microsoft Office packages, as well as get additional offers for Windows systems. If you have a bureau suite and a new operating system, you also have Packs 2 and 1 that count the two.

Microsoft Office packages are offered in accordance with the Yeslicense competency for three Word-Excel-PowerPoint, which allow the use of Outlook or OneNote performance logic, as well as the selection function.

Is there a change in the operating system? Reload Windows Cottage:

And why don’t you pack 2 in 1?

Are the addressees of the addressees or professionals or professions?

Good news! If the products on sale at Yeslicense are addressed to private individuals, the professions are small, they are also available, they have to accept the license. If you want to get an accuser license and have a professional (company, integrator) or that you are interested in Microsoft Open OLP licenses, you can request the management of the Yeslicense site. If you find out that you have difficulty using the license, and you have questions, you can join the support service around the clock / 24 and 7/7.

You can get a license to get all new versions of Microsoft Office and last minutes without them! Plus use the coordinator of your work or your school to realize your projects.

The article was edited in collaboration with Yeslicense

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