Oppose the costume collaboration with the audio specialist Danaudio and launch the second generation of these players genuine wireless Enco X, which we tested and approved. We sell about 200 euros, the Enco X2 has an excellent sound quality and a reduction in gross efficiency. Promesse tenue?

At the level of design, the differences are minimal between the premiere and the second generation of collectors. Toutefois, na Remarque que la tige des Enco X2 est plus velik, comme le montre la photo ci-dessous.

Cela peut s’expliquer par a new system of commands that consiste presser les côtés de la tige, comme pour les AirPods Pro, d’Apple. Oppo a également prévu le contrôle du volume par un glissement du doigt vers le haut ou vers le bas, mais il ne s’effectue que sur une partie specifique de la tige (voir la photo ci-dessous).

Enco X2

L’objective for the constructor is d’éviter de déclencher une commande en touchant incidentelle le côté le plus accessible de la tige et d’éviter aussi d’appuyer sur l’oreille. In retaliation, it will be possible to attract the best players to do so without exerting a pressure without the voucher, which we have received in the debut of the test.

The Enco X2 benefits from the very good level of comfort and maintenance that the Enco X has. In return, they are resistant to transpiration (IP54 certification). Plus, the antibacterial treatments are embedded, for a good hygienic solution, and a filter to make sure that the tiles do not penetrate the coats.

The reduction of gross weight

Other common points between the two generations of producers of Oppo: the utilization of two high-speed speakers (one for the little ones and one for the graves) to improve the quality of your son. The Enco X2 has classic codecs, AAC and SBC audio, a larger high-definition LHDC codec, along with Sony’s LDAC (sound plus bass).
Not the activation of the active reduction (ANC) activation of an augmentation of graves in the 50 Hz zone. In return, the measure of response in the frequency of a chute in the water, at a rate of 10 000 Hz.

This is an effective impression that he will be able to do. They are very charming with a good restitution of the basses, but a few parfaits of clarity and brillance. Of course, this problem can easily be compensated by activating the function Golden Son (Golden sound in English) from the application HeyMelody (see plus bass). The quality should be excellent, with a perfect restitution of the sonorous scene.
With the LHDC definition code, it is possible to have a more detailed detail, but we have found that there is no reclamation of quality. In addition, this codec is required for compatibility with smartphones, such as models … Oppo. The quality of sound is really good for the telephony appeals, but in a milieu. En effet, les Enco X2 utilisent des capteurs de conduction asseuse pour distinguer votre voix du bruit ambiant lors des appels.

The main features of the active reduction (ANC), which we have tested in the train and in the metro. She is very efficient, but she is still in the mood for what she excels at QuietComfort Earbuds, de Bose.
In particular, we have found an additional layer for the reduction of voices by Enco X report, but we do not expect to be completely isolated from your soldiers in a cafe or a open space. Notons que le choix de la bonne taille d’embouts is crucial for the benefit of one bonne reduction of bruit.

The reduction of brute to the consequences of endurance

Oppo at-il fait des progrès l’endurance de ses écouteurs? The answer is mythical. Without reduction, the Enco X2 obscures the results of a perfect score of 9×28, against 8×14 for the Enco X. But the whole thing is a little while active on the ANC, which is more gourmet and energy-intensive than the second. On passes 7×56 for the Enco X for 5h49 for the Enco X2, a score acceptable, but still in the month of our month (around seven hours). Toutefois, the Oppo speakers are the ones who end up with AirPods Pro, Apple (4:39 to ANC and 4:48 without ANC).

Oppo declare a total autonomy of 22 hours with the boot loader. She has received at least 40 hours of inactivity. On apprécie la taille réduite du boîtier, qui se loge facilement dans la poche, ainsi que la compatibility with the standard sans-fil Qi.


Please note that this is a great adventure to report to Enco X, it is not necessary to be able to paint the castles before the insider. In effect, on the first generation, the embassies are positioned on the outside of the boat. In retaliation, it is possible that the diode of the state is a place in the interior, and it is not possible to see a fox cover.

The interesting functions in the appliqués

If Apple saves the Android app, install its AirPods and turn off the Oppo. The designer offers a free HeyMelody app for iOS and Android. She compotes two functions very useful: a test of adjustment of the vote, to verify that you have choices in the bonnet, and a test of audition. In the environment of three minutes, the determination of your audio profile (Golden sound) you can make a small audiogram. We have found the effectiveness of a recent reclamation of the quality of the sound after passing the test.

In retaliation, the equalizer is a true deceptive, but he does not propose that there are predefined adjustments. We will always have access to an adjustable manual sequence.
By the way, in the parking lot of the applique, we have an option that is active on the double connection, this is the Bluetooth multipoint. If you are not using a smartphone on Android and iPhone, you will need to disconnect, disconnect and re.

Apply to help a personalization function of the commands when you press on the fires, two times or three times. The extended pressure is reserved for the reduction of the brute, but you have two choices for vertical lifting on the floor: adjustment of the volume or change of the sea.

Discover also in video:

Enfin, l’application HeyMelody permet d’activer ou de dessactiver la rutuction de bruit, mais aussi de controller son intensité. You have three adjustment levels (Max, Moderé, Doux), but also an intelligent mode. The level of reduction has the right to take into account the intensity of the surrounding environment, but it has parfais a few seconds for the operation.

Verdict du test

Oppo Enco X2

Les Enco X2 is an alternative to AirPods Pro, Apple, iOS. We have this opportunity for comfort, sound quality and efficiency of active reduction.
In return, it is a matter of autonomy with ANC active not to be better than the first generation. We regret the absence of an equalizer with manual adjustment, you can apply HeyMelody to steer with the function Golden sound and the test of insulation very practical.
The number of high-definition codecs is not indispensable and does not apply to smartphones of large designers Samsung or Apple. Enfin, you will find the owners of Enco X, use the accessories all over the suite for the X2 model.

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