Hello and welcome to ZD Tech, the podcast of the ZDNet editorial office. I called Guillaume Serieset aujourd’hui je vous explicé ce qu’est France Identity, the mobile application that allows you to find your online identity.

Let’s say goodbye to all that scanner, choose an identification card and your smartphone. This is all that you need to do in the mobile application France Identity, which for the time being is used by some testers, and this is unique on Android.

More like France Identity dot rentrer dans les smartphones de tous les Français dans les mois qui viennent, autant savoir ce que l’avenir vous reserve en la matière.

Use biometric identification card and smartphone to get identification in the world

All words, final object: France Identity to use the biometric identity card and your smartphone to prove your online identity.

Yes, you have a good idea, you can justify your identity directly from your smartphone. To end up with the scans of the identity card, but also justify the majority without being able to develop their identity, mentioning the site of the government secret to France Identity.

And the cases of proverb are identities in line vonet devenir de plus en plus nombreuses. You can also use a procuration for a vote, you can also open a bank account online.

4.5 million new card holders who have been distributed since 2021

In the detail, the smartphone is equipped with an NFC application and an NFC key scanner on the identity card file, and the France Identity application is valid for the operation, after you have requested to find a PIN code provided. .

Attention, he did not have all the cards of the classic identity card. Only the owners of the new biometric identity card, a credit card in the format of a credit card and equipment of an electronic device, use the system.

This can be found of the identity data of the civil state, a photograph, the date of delivery or the presence of two digital enterprises. However, the government assures that this site does not contain any geolocation data. And what personal data does not mean to be commercialized.

And this day, he did not find that 4.5 million of the new car maps, which are distributed in 2021.

France Successful identity in Alicem, a landlord initiated in 2013 who will be able to use the easy reconnaissance

Mais l’application France Identité doit déjà permettre de cet été d’accéder à France Connect, le portlej utilisé par plus de 37 million de personnes pour payer leurs impôts, consulter leurs droits à la retraite ou le permis de points con de leire.

Alors bien sûr, la question de la securisation de cette application se pose. Surtout que le projet France Identité succède à Alicem, un chantier initié en 2013 qui prévoyait d’utiliser la reconnaissance faciale. But Alicem left this suite with CNIL reviews.

The French government assures the need for biometrics, and in the use of personnel code, the risks of being on the privée are limited.

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