Hello and welcome to ZD Tech, the podcast of the ZDNet editorial office. I called Louis Adamet aujourd’hui je vais vous explicer for the debate on net neutrality is to be in a class affair.

The neutrality of the net is in principle the founder of the management of the Internet network. If you want to be in the right place for a long time, the term “neutrality of the net” has been used since its debut in 2000, under the auspices of Tim Wu, a professor of American law.

In an article based on the subject, the professor defines the neutrality of the net as “a solution that does not favor a single application such as” others “.

A founding principle

In other places, on the Internet, all the actors are places on a pedestal of egality point of view of technology. The fact that you will be free or you will be able to offer the theory of access to Internet services, without which the four-year-old does not favor Netflix or YouTube in other solutions, for example.

To the best of my ability, the Internet will be able to guarantee that your accessory will not be able to accept the advice you have made, not to modify it and not to give priority to content other than others. All packages are free and equal in rights.

The neutrality of the net is the principle that has shaped the Internet network since the last 70 years. American telecoms. However, the principles also take into account the detractors, not only the four-dimensional accessories on the Internet.

Partisans and detractors

In effect, the number of operators containing the good fund of net neutrality, in advance plus arguments. This policy is intertwined in the theory of proposing offers of the type “zero rating” on the mobile Internet. These offers include the ability to use devices to reduce traffic to some data applications, which will be more attractive to consumers.

Logic In the logical sense, some operators who are plus big consumers of the bandwagon, like YouTube or Netflix, have a part of the infrastructure infrastructure that accepts.

Enfin, some also offer to offer “priority” services for specific applications and specific data, for example, health data.

An open debate

This debate is over. Les Etats-Unis avaient ainsi instauré en 2015 le principe de neutralita du du comme principe de la gestion du reseau. In 2016, Donald Trump called an ardent opponent of the network as the authority of American telecommunications. Et celui-ci s’empresse de revenir sur cette politique.

In Europe, it is possible to consider that the affair is still: since 2016, the texts of the European countries guarantee the principle of neutrality of the network in a number of exceptions. But in a recent interview, European Commissioner Thierry Breton did the job of volunteering to cover the table.

Authentic dire que l’on’is risque d’entendre à nouveau parler de neutralité du net dans les années à venir.

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