2022 looks set to be the year of at least three British Prime Ministers. The country’s current leader, Liz Truss, resigned on Thursday, making her Britain’s shortest-serving prime minister in history.

The Tracks Premiership has been a wild ride for the country. For 44 days in office the queen diedseveral cabinet ministers were appointed and resigned, and the announcement of the mini-budget caused a sharp fall in the pound, leading to criticism from President Joe Biden and the International Monetary Fund.

Sensing that Truss’ days in office may be numbered, the British tabloid Daily Star hosted a live stream of fresh lettuce on October 16 to see if Truss would still be in office by the time the lettuce crumbled. The average shelf life of a salad in the UK is 10 days, so although it doesn’t look the most appetizing, the salad did survive the Trail.

The Daily Star sees it as a “celebration” as it campaigned for Truss to resign last week. Meanwhile, he’s giving Lettuce his moment in the spotlight by posting it on Cameo, a service that lets you buy video messages from celebrities. Given that the salad only has about four days left before it needs to be tossed in the trash, it seems like this side hustle will have limited impact on the Daily Star’s annual bottom line.

The Conservative Party, led by Truss, will now elect a new leader by October 28. That means the new prime minister should be in place by the COP27 climate conference in Egypt and the G20 summit in Indonesia next month. They will become the third Conservative prime minister in 2022, following Truss and Boris Johnson, whom Truss replaced in September.

The new Prime Minister will have to go through an onion (about two months) if they still want to stay in office until 2023. There is a possibility that this may not be possible if a general election is called in the meantime. With such an obvious possibility, it’s too early to say with certainty what the next leader’s tenure will compare to.

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