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Lola, the 12-year-old schoolgirl whose body was found in a suitcase ten days ago in Paris, will be buried this Monday in northern France. Her parents called for “dignity” and “respect” ahead of their daughter’s funeral.

A statement from Lola’s parents said: “Amidst the fear and pain we are experiencing, we wish for peace and meditation to mourn. For the sake of Lola’s memory, we hope that the various ceremonies will be held in a spirit of serenity and calm, far from political and media agitation.

“We understand the desire for information to understand the incomprehensible, but it must be done with dignity and respect,” they continued, asking “everyone to maintain the necessary distance.”

They added that “the support of the entire population is a valuable help in overcoming this painful ordeal. But we hope that those who come to support” will do so “without official scarves or any particular signs of belonging to a political organization.” .”

On Wednesday, French government spokesman Olivier Veran praised the “courage” of Lola’s parents “who are facing the unspeakable.”

The parents asked us to “show our collective support for what they are going through without adding to it,” Veron emphasized. The French government accuses the right and far-right of using Lola’s case for political purposes.

“Show them all our sympathy”

The funeral of the 12-year-old schoolgirl is scheduled for Monday at 2:30 p.m. in Lillere, her mother’s hometown in northern France.

The service will be “open to all those who wish to pay their last respects”, her parents said, but “burial at the cemetery will be done in strict privacy”.

The ceremony will be celebrated by Bishop Olivier Leborn of Arras at the Saint-Omer church, the diocese said on Thursday.

French Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanen will take part in the ceremony.

A gathering was planned for Friday to “pay tribute to Lola” and “support her family and friends” in Fouqueray, a town in the Bethune region where the girl’s father is from.

“For the time being, Lola’s parents have decided to leave Paris to return to live in Fouqueray. Before their final return, this is an opportunity to come and show them our sympathy in these moments of great sadness,” Mayor Gérard Ogiez wrote on the website of this city of 1,600 residents.